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In addition to that, Venus is also conjunct Uranus and Pluto. For good measure, my Libra Moon is also in the 7th and opposite 1st house Saturn. Saturn, which is at the apex of the Yod. Maybe being a Leo Sun helps! By: Donna Cunningham on June 21, at pm. Reading this article again I can see that yes, indeed, I was, as a child, shown by family messages that I needed to be independent. I was the youngest of four, and got the message that I was unexpected and that my parents were tired by the time they got to having me!

I was, however, very dependent as well as wanting independence, so I gave out mixed messages, as well! I am, at almost 69, finding myself without a partner. Then Saturn puts the brakes on! By: RobinSky on March 22, at am. I have Venus, Saturn and Mars in the forth house all in the sign of Capricorn. My parents never appreciated my feelings and always tried to make them seem as if they were not important or as if I were making things up in my head.

They divorced when I was in 3rd grade and my sisters and I were juggled between the both of them between Pennsylvania and Virginia.

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I matured at a very early age and was always thought to be too serious and uptight. My father kicked me out without reason when I was 18 and my mother has all but renounced her role as being a mother. My higher education was never invested in and I had virtually no parental guidance. That was a very toxic on and off relationship that I just recently called quits for good, however as strange as it was he did help me in different ways and I have a lot more confidence and assurance about myself.

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People having Venus and Saturn together in a house in their horoscope are often Conjunction of Saturn and Venus also makes the native intellectual. Natives. FEB 18 The aspect Venus conjunct Saturn is typically associated with feeling unloved, especially by the father or other symbols of patriarchy.

I have a lot of aspirations that I intend to achieve in time. As far as love goes…as a girl I always dreamed of marrying at 18 with the fairy tale and all! But with age came reality, which I am still trying to learn because reality is a very hard thing for me to grasp. However he is helping to support me right now so Im settling but only for the moment. Thanks for letting me share my experience! Thanks for sharing, VB.

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Best wishes to you. Donna Cunningham.

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By: Donna Cunningham on July 6, at pm. Excellent post, Donna, as always.

This is really spot and on , and I can really relate to this. I am nodding my head in agreement with lotshoe, MJ and others thanks for sharing. I wondered if this small semi-sextile had a message for me. In fact, previously, I would have gone as far as saying it was all to do with having Saturn in the 8th house….

I look very young for my age. I always have, and it made me feel very inadequate, when most my friends looked like gorgeous, desirable young women in their teens. Me, no!! I cannot tell you how uncomfortable I was about looking young, for most of my life….

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Even though I had many , many friends, and enjoyed studying I have moon sextile venus, mercury sextile venus, Jupiter in Gemini in the 12 house. Venus in the 7th means, I probably played and still play the role of peace-maker and mediator , personally and professionally I just had no confidence and felt very unattractive. Having to prove myself, academically I ended up getting four degrees- out of a economic necessity to get a job b love of learning c proving to the family I could now get better opportunities in life d staving off the fear of feeling intellectually mediocre or inferior.

I expect to, in fact. Easy come, easy go. Accomplishing achievements that earn you respect as you get older: I am starting to find that is happening. Work colleagues , family and friends do know that I have had to work very hard, and know if I have anything to say, about my subject area, I am serious and have deep knowledge.

Hard work eventually pays off in the end, no matter what. I fear rejection as many people do I, so I would rather make friends venus in aquarius and test the waters, that way, rather than make a complete idiot of myself!

Although I can be very cheeky and flirty, I would probably run a mile, out of fear, if I had to flirt, spontaneously, in a social situation. So, back to re-discovering the Saturn-venus connection in my chart, I think , however a minor aspect it is, I would like to say thank you, Donna, for writing about this. It made so much sense, and filled in the missing gaps of information of why I felt or acted a certain way.

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I feel I can now own this part of me, fully, now and work on it positively , as a tool for greater self-understanding : after all I have plenty of squares in my chart, so I am up for a challenge :. I think minor aspects actually have far more impact on the chart, judging from what others have said in their posts, when taken as a whole not necessarily on their own. Hi, your article is the best of the ones I read about Venus-Saturn aspects. I have Venus-Saturn opposition making a triangle with Jupiter. I always have felt unloved in whole my life. Your writing is so true.

My parents are Saturnian. Especially my father. He always wanted to proof myself first. Any time I find a friend or a group of friend, they left me. And I fell in love with men who abuse me or unreachable. My life is like a drama with one player-just me. Even if I tried to hard, people always run away from me.

So I understand that this will never end. There is no such a solution to get out of the circle. I worked so hard, like a Saturnian but nevet get any prize. I decided to end it. Once you have let go of your negative emotions and perspective of your past. But the second half of work comes in when we finally get to the top of that mountain. We have learned all of the hardships and pains of life and we have gained a vast and clear perspective. Going down the other side of that mountain is our true test of Saturn.

Anyone can go through a rough life, but not everyone can come out of that hardship with degrees of experience and the ability to make sound decisions, and past judgment fairly, and have the strength to live a happy life. Our potential is that of Saturn itself and more! My daughter who is not two yet has Libra Saturn 3rd house, square Cap. Venus in the 6th.

Her father is not in her life, and to make matters worse, my own Sun opp. Saturn squares her stellium Sun, Merc. Luckily, my moon trines it, but…I have gone online looking for…hope. I have nobody to help me parent her and I am worried that all this responsibility I have will have a negative affect on her in the long-term. What do I do?