Obstacles in life astrology

Astrology of Obstacles in Career

However, Saturn is the planet of Confusion in life and Ketu is a malefic planet that keeps person move here and there without any direction. However, there is another term Cycle of Saturn associated with planet Saturn. Saturn acts as an equalizer, touching lives of everyone.

This planet is considered as the cold planet that always results in a tough task. It causes gloom, frustration, and delay in success. Sade-sati is the condition at the time of birth. The transit in each rashi is called as Dahiya. Moreover, it is not compulsory that sade-sdati only brings bad effect, it also brings good effect as per the beneficial planetary motion.

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There may be financial stress too. Get your kundali matching report. It is because Lord Hanuman has blessings that one who recites Chalisa will never be suffered from Sade-sati.

Saturn’s causes delay and hurdles but not the denial

Astrology of Obstacles - Life conditions for each individual keep changing in cyclic order depending upon the planetary periods running. Kundali Dasha & Remedies News: Astrology Remedies, Do it If you face obstacles with your official duties, then chant the mantra, “Om.

However, before reaching any conclusion after analysis of the symptoms, it is beneficial to consult an astrologer and get information about malefic and benefic Saturn transitions in the horoscope chart. Ask any Question Uncomplicate your Life.

Your Greatest Obstacle In Life, According To Your Zodiac

Ask Question. The planet is often associated with patriarchal authority figures. If Saturn is moving through an area of importance in your chart right now, it can explain obstacles or challenges being thrown at you. And if Saturn is NOT in heavy aspect right now, at some point in the cycle of life, it certainly will be!

Being more conscious of Saturn can help you to learn the important life lessons that will ultimately lead you to greater happiness and fulfillment! Next Article. In short, the existence of three gunas gives the existence of body and mind. Later in my other article I will discuss about these three gunas in detail. Now let us understand the remedies mentioned above based on the three gunas in detail.

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These type of Kriyas are also called shanti kriyas which means actions to establish peace. This is basically psychic based remedies. It is most powerful among these three type of remedies.

SCORPIO DEGREE ARIES FULL MOON SQUARES PLUTO - A Week of Hidden Obstacles and Opportunities

All mantra related, real tantra related, all Vedic rituals and psychic ability and meditation based remedies come under this type. Let us discuss these one by one below.

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Abahan Mantra for weak, debilitated, afflicted Mars in Astrology:. Chant the mantra times in a day. Total mantra jhapa would be 8, times, times havan on the same mantra, 80 times tarpan, 8 times Abhishek and feed food to any Brahmin. Visualization to remove weak, debilitated, afflicted Mars in Astrology. After that you need to start the visualization process. Visualize that your problem is already over or that you have come out of the problem and leading that stage of happy and normal life.

solasilria.tk Problem vary from person to person, so you need to concentrate accordingly. For example, if you are in huge debt, then see yourself as you have come out of all debts and have become very happy and content. Very importantly, this type of stage of visualization or meditation oriented remedies always focus on improvements or solutions, not on the problem. Tamah guna- based remedy for weak, debilitated, afflicted Mars in Astrology.

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Black Magic comes under Tamah guna remedies. This type of procedure is not widely accepted and it has a lot of side effects too in my opinion, this type of remedies are not recommended and so I am not going to discuss on these remedies.

Astrological Remedies For Foreign Settlement

Rajah guna- based remedy for weak, debilitated, afflicted Mars in Astrology. All kind of gem stones, metal, foods, color, numbers, etc come under this type of remedy procedure. Below are specific remedies based on Rajah guna for Mars which strengthen the planetary energy.

Always remember Rajah guna —based energy strengthen the planetary energy, it basically means that if your Mars is a bad significator, for example- 8 th lord and you are doing Rajah guna based energy, then you are increasing negative energy of Mars. Rajah guna-based remedies should be performed only if the Mars in horoscope is in debilitation stage or afflicted by other planets. You need to judge all aspects of a planet in the horoscope and do not become conclusive or hurry to go to the conclusion.

See all aspects of planets before doing this type of remedy. Red Coral is the gemstone for Mars.