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Taurus Sign Dates & Traits
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Even better if you listen to their long-winded monologues, which, as an incentive, take place over candlelit dinners or in gorgeous five-star settings. Taurus George Clooney earned himself a reputation as a notorious bachelor and serial monogamist who, fans and media speculated, would probably never marry.

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Old-fashioned Taurus craves tradition, order and security. Signs of the earth are devoted to each other, treason and betrayal are not terrible for them. Bulls are known to be loyal and expect the same from their partner. Sagittarius is a wild, adventurous Fire sign whose anything-goes nature invites friends of diverse cultures and backgrounds. Explore hidden factors such as physical attraction so you can see the whole picture of your relationship.

Should Taurus decide that you are their person, prepare to be pursued with dogged devotion and ardent gestures of admiration. Taurus tunnel vision viewed through cartoon goo-goo eyes is legendary when it comes to love.

taurus and taurus Compatibility - The Pros

No coincidence that both William Shakespeare and timeless love poet Robert Browning were both born under this star sign. Not that all Bulls are quite so eloquent. Some can be embarrassingly blunt about their desires. Yup, that means you have to look, sound, smell, feel and even taste good to them.

Taurus and Taurus Nature and Nuances:

However, if a couple of this sign is able to tolerate each other's shortcomings as well as celebrate traits they share in common, this can be an outstanding love match. Taurus' steady nature lies in direct contrast to the unpredictable nature or the Twins. Although Geminis can be quite witty and attractive, they have a tendency toward being capricious and, frankly, reckless when it comes to matters of love.

When it comes right down to it, Gemini is too much of a free spirit to make Taurus comfortable for the long haul. The Cancer-Taurus pairing holds great capacity for compatibility.

Taureans take care of those they love, and Cancer truly wants to be appreciated and protected. These two signs truly bring out the best in each other, and they both treasure quiet times spent together. Taurus and Leo both share a common trait: stubbornness! This can lead this pairing to stick out a relationship even when it would be kinder to part ways. Leos are renowned "people persons," while Taureans would rather limit company to a few good friends.

Taurus and Virgo share very practical natures, and make good romantic companions. That said, Taureans have a tendency to smother their love interests at times, and this is a bit much form most Virgos to endure. If Taurus can learn to back off just a bit, this romance should include a happily ever after. This is not an ideal pairing, but it does have some positive aspects. Both signs avoid conflicts whenever possible, and will strive to please the other.

However, Libras can be extremely social while Taureans prefer the comforts of home. Known as the builder of the zodiac, this sign is steady and enduring regardless of the circumstances.

Compatibility Horoscope for Taurus and Taurus

As two carriers of balance between physical and emotional, two Taurus partners can be the perfect couple, only if they don't end up in a rut in a short period of. Taurus and Taurus compatibility love match. Love and Sexual compatibility between Taurus and Taurus zodiac signs.

They are gifted with amazing patience and persistence to achieve their goals. Ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love, Taureans are less aggressive but more disciplined than their zodiac neighbor Aries. Venus brings them a calmer and more contented outlook in life and love, coupled with a great appreciation for beauty in all forms. When it comes to relationships, Taurus are loyal, kindhearted, and romantic but patience is their true strength.

Taurus has a laid-back and low-key approach in life and love.

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One who will observe, strategize and wait before taking action. Taurus will never hurry love.

For them love entails a fixed process which begins with attraction, getting to know, exclusive dating and commitment. Being an earth sign, people born in this period have the great capacity to wait and endure. When they start taking action, these fixed sign is in it for the long haul. A fixed sign, Taurus is the most stubborn of the earth signs. These headstrong people have innate sense of their space and know what belongs to them, so Bulls are not easily displaced.

Taurus and Taurus: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

Having a strong awareness of who and what they are, Taurus resist any form of dominance in their relationships. Clingy and demanding partners will scare them away. They may have the patience to wait it out but not to give in to unwarranted demands of their partners. Taurus will take courting slowly but once committed, they will be in it through thick and thin. These people take relationships seriously and will try their best to keep the relationship going.

A long time partnership is always a goal for these romantics. Bulls are known to be loyal and expect the same from their partner.

Taurus Love and Compatibility Matcher

Taurus people are the most old-fashioned among the Zodiac signs. Since patience is their greatest strength, a Taurus man will not rush courtship and a true gentleman to his lady love when committed.

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On the other hand, Taurus woman likes to be wooed old fashion way and test the limits of her suitors. Both of them aim to have a beautiful home, permanent partner and stable life.